PPG Nomination to Expo 2020 Dubai Global Best Practice Program

We are pleased to confirm that the Project Professionals Group (PPG) project forwarding education program has been nominated to the Expo 2020 Dubai Global Best Practice Proposal, dedicated to solutions in relation to COVID-19.


The Expo will run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. More than 200 participants including businesses, non-government organisations, academic institutions and more than 190+ nations will participate in Expo 2020. Commercial partners and could attract 11 million foreign visitors to the Expo 2020 world fair. We believe the opportunity to collaborate with Expo 2020 in Dubai will support and promote our Global Best Practice Programme and provide tremendous and invaluable recognition to PPG.


This special edition of the Programme will gather and spotlight effective and successful initiatives for localising response and recovery in relation to COVID-19 that can be adapted, replicated and scaled for enhanced impact worldwide. The call is aimed at recognising and promoting visibility of integrated development best practices for a better 2030, with a particular view on creating a better normal as we come out of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


All students attending the PPG Project Forwarding Masterclass are provide with an international best practice Covid-19 Checklist and Policy Document as part of the course registration process and a Covid-19 PowerPoint presentation is delivered as part of the training modules (These documents are available for download from the PPG web site. The one-day master class also responds to Covid-19 effectively by offering training modules that address client expectations and requirements, risk management and crisis communications, and addressing Covid-19 issues as part of the tendering process.