What we do

Experts who deliver solutions all the way to final delivery

Managing general and project cargoes on a global basis, the scope of services we provide embrace all the elements of the logistics chain from factory collection right up to delivered destination site. Organising safe, cost-efficient transport of project cargoes is always a challenge, but the new PPG has the answers. PPG members have the expertise to provide clients with fully integrated logistics management solutions on a global basis that ensures every piece of the puzzle is taken into account. The globe image above reflects this message, whilst the PPG corporate logo is synonomous with innovation and safety.

The increasing demands on Project Logistics specialists necessitate that only experienced professionals join PPG. PPG can solve the puzzle in a timely, efficient and safety-first manner!

PPG members are experienced, specialist global logistics providers each with a dedication to delivering a range of related services to clients as they develop their own projects of whatever size, nature or location.

A project in its broadest sense is simply a collection of related activities having determinate start and end dates, and consuming time and resources. Project logistics providers tend to be in demand when projects reach a certain size in terms of cost or complexity. More specifically, project logistics may be defined as the movement of non-conventional, out-of-gauge, large volume and/or heavy lift cargoes in a manner that required planning and innovation unique to each transaction or is outside of normal tariff provisions.

In this respect, PPG members deliver project freight management contracts to certain clients that could justifiably be described as world-scale in terms of cost and complexity. At the same time, however, they provide the same level of quality service to clients irrespective of whether their projects are world-scale or of more modest proportions.


> Air/Sea Chartering

> Barging & Ro-Ro Services

> Commercial Export Packing & Crating Services

> Factory Dismantling & Transfer

> Feasibility Studies

> Global Supervision

> Heavy Oversized Haulage & Loadout

> Health & Safety Compliance

> In-House T&L Personnel Placement

> Logistics Management & Consultancy

> Method Statements

> Preparation of Technical Bid Submissions

> Pre/Post Shipment Advice

> Pre-Qualification Documentation Assistance & Advice

> Procurement

> Project Management

> Route Studies & Port Surveys

> Specialised Project Forwarding Education & Training

> Tariff Consultancy