Why join PPG

By joining Project Professionals Group, you will benefit from the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of your peers. Stay abreast of current business trends from around the world while creating a web of associates, and educating others about your business. Knowledge is power! PPG can help you make your network a valuable asset by increasing your exposure globally. PPG will help you develop your network through meetings, making new contacts, and most importantly by establishing connections.

Benefits of Membership

We understand that one-on-one networking depends on your vision and networking needs. PPG is an exciting way for all of its members to grow both professionally and personally.

  • PPG has its own International Project Forwarding Education Program. The aim of PPG is to develop personnel in all aspects within the specialised field of global project forwarding.

  • PPG hosts annual conferences that facilitates networking and focuses on new business opportunities.

  • PPG has an Advisory Board comprised and managed by members from every continent.

  • PPG is solely focusing on specialist Global Project Forwarding and related industry Services Providers and is fully committed to achieve common commercial objectives and extraordinary performance, creating long-term business partnerships;

  • PPG offers professional brand building and tailored marketing campaigns that promote the Group;

  • PPG is a member of Smartway (USA Environmental Protection Agency).

  • PPG members must cooperate on project related business on a first and final option basis to fellow members.